Referral Contest (rules)

Contest ended successfully and the rewards are sent to thee users

Emergency Action

January 13, 2020, by Admin

Recently thee scammers activity on this website is leniently increased and We don't get any clicks on the short link admin panel but it registered on this site. So we get continues to lose so we decided that to pay the user there request after 30Days to face our losses. so be support your money will be paid after the 30Day completion of your request. Don't worry we are working on that to stop scammers. 30Day interval is temporary after we fix the error it will be reset to 7Days so Be support. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Reff But Not Reff Contest (O.1)

November 21, 2019, by Admin


The contest is Finished :)

Hi! guys, I'm happy  to see you again,

And now I'm here to announce one thing in this post, this is the initial for Referral contest.

But it is not like the normal one because each and every user is Gifted, yes Each and every person is gifted. Even if you have 1 active referral

For that, You should get the Active referral (refer others to join this site then you will get paid for each and every referral you get,

Each and every referral is worth for 1000 satoshis if you have 2500 referral you ger 2500000 satoshis for each and every user having the same amount of referrals,

list of the prize amount


  1. 1001to 2500referral - 1000 satoshis for each referral you earn (number of referral x prize amount)
  2. 501 to 1000 referral - 650satoshis for each referral you earn (number of referral x prize amount)
  3. 276 to 500 referral - 400satoshis for each referral you earn (number of referral x prize amount)
  4. 101 to 275 referral - 150satoshis for each referral you earn (number of referral x prize amount)
  5. 70 to 100 referral  - 100 satoshis for each referral you get  (number of referral x prize amount)

And for More Information Terms and Condition Click Here>>>>>  


Faucet Feature is waiting for You But I won't like to go my site again (Maintenance) mode, Don't worry it will be implemented But after the contest is over 


I'm excited and waiting for that moment

Happy Earning


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Reduced Prize

November 18, 2019, by Admin

Hi! guys welcome you once again and I,m glad to meet you again

ok, today I'm going to tell one good news for all advertiser hereafter anyone can advertise here with minimal need of 1000 satoshi :)

S!  the minimal advertising prize reduced from 10000satosi to 1000satoshi


get in contact with our telegram group, for more information

Referral updated

November 17, 2019, by Admin

hi! guys once again I welcome you all and I'm very happy to announce you the good news which updated in referral percentage from yes guys the referral percentage is no longer 15%and the new referral percentage is upgraded from 15% to 20%,

I think this is the good news for you guys.

keep increase your referrals and earn more,  

Happy Earning

CONTACT ME: [email protected]

Hello World!

June 28, 2018, by Admin

Hello world, how are you? It's all right? I'm pretty happy to announce My New website and I'm new to this field I don't know how you guys support me but I'm still happy to see you guys.


and lot more updates are planned so stay tuned to earn money more

Wait for it!

Kind regards,